Food Safety Manager Training & Test

California Food Safety Boot Camp was created to provide quality Food Safety Manager Training to all counties in California. Our  online course provides all the necessary training and testing for the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), Prometric or ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certifications.

At  Food Safety Boot Camp, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we have created a comprehensive online course covering the curriculum necessary for Food Safety Manager certification. The course has been streamlined to cover all critical points of food safety and provides practice tests which will prepare you for the NRFSP, ServSafe, or Prometric food safety manager certification examinations.

Our course has been painstakingly created to offer a concise Food Safety Managers Certification Course that thoroughly prepares you for the NRFSP, Prometric, or ServSafe examinations. We will send you the link to our online course. You can then schedule your test at your local testing center (the link provided will list your local testing center). For $105, we will provide the online training and the link to schedule your test. The testing center will charge a fee of $65. Just go the location of your choice when you are ready for your test. No wasted time in a classroom!



If you are looking for the California Food Handler’s Card, click here

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