Santa Clara county Food Safety Boot Camp was created to provide quality Food Safety Manager Training to Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz county, Monterey county, Alameda County and entire Bay Area of California. Our course provides all the necessary training and testing for the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), Prometric or ServSafe Food  Safety Manager Certifications.

Anyone familiar with military training knows that the goal is maximum retention in minimum time. We translate this philosophy into the foodservice industry to ensure that Food Safety Boot Camp produces the most competent and effective Food Safety Managers in the least amount of time. We do this while placing great focus on ensuring that the student’s time is not wasted on information not relevant to the NRFSP , Prometric or SERVSAFE Food Safety exams. Food Safety Boot Camp provides the most comprehensive and efficient food safety training in Santa Clara county and is even listed on the county website as an approved option.

At Food Safety Boot Camp, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we provide you with a comprehensive and concise study guide and practice tests for your review.  Our course has been streamlined to cover all critical points of food safety and provides practice tests which will prepare you for the NRFSP, Prometric or ServSafe food safety manager certification examinations.

Our online course is concise and to the point. We supply you with all the information to pass the NRFSP or Servsafe Food Manager tests. Our course and test meet the food safety training requirements for Santa Clara county, Alameda county, Santa Cruz county, Contra Costa County, and Monterey County.  You can rest assured that all the time spent reviewing our study guide is worth it and all material is relevant to the Food Safety  Manager Certification test.

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