About Us

Our lead instructional Designer is Kevin Walters. In addition to Kevin’s extensive experience in the catering and foodservice industry as owner of Pangea Catering & Events , he has over 15 years experience in training and course development.

Kevin is a certified Master trainer and Instructional Designer with over 3000 hours of instruction under his belt. An 8 year veteran of the United States Air Force Air Education & Training Command, he truly understands Adult Learning theory and has designed courses for the United States Air Force, Navy, and Department of Defense. Anyone familiar with military training knows that the goal is maximum retention in minimum time. Kevin translates this philosophy into the foodservice industry to ensure that Food Safety Boot Camp produces the most competent and effective Food Safety Managers. He does this while placing great focus on ensuring that the student’s time is not wasted on information not relevant to the NRFSP, Prometric or SERVSAFE Food Safety exams. Food Safety Boot Camp provides the most comprehensive and efficient food safety training California.

In the foodservice industry, time is money.  Kevin Walters and the entire Food Safety Boot Camp staff have developed a food safety managers course accepted by all counties in California ensuring both your time and money is well spent.




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